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Food for Poor Home

NSS Volunteers of our college collected more than 200 packets of food for serving to poor home, Kollam

Blood Donation Camp by NSS Unit (MESITAM) 15-10-2019

Blood Donation Camp by NSS Unit (MESITAM) 15-10-2019

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Women Empowerment Programme

This was a women empowerment programme conducted by Child Development Project Officer Renjini. It was an poster designing programme based on the topic “women past present future”, this was a district level competition. The officer collected the posters prepared by the volunteers.

Renovation of Njavoor Road

We started the Njavaroor road renovation on Republic day, on that day we were not able to complete it .On February we continued the work and completed it successfully.

Cleaning Programme

This was a cleaning programme. We the NSS volunteers together cleaned the area near our ground in order to prepare for the football tournament.

Electrical Safety Self Maintenance And General First Aid

This was an orientation programme conducted during camp days. The class was very much beneficiary to us. We all get important instructions about electrical safety and maintenance. The class was interesting and it was handled by Satheesh Kumar sir.

Technology’s New Era

This was an orientation programme conducted during camp days.The class was handled by Dr. P .Premlet. The class was based on evolution of technologies. The students interact each other.

Njavaroor Road Renovation

We the NSS volunteers of our college renovated the Njavaroor road near our college which was very useful to the people living in that area .The programme was arranged on the basis of Republic day. After the flag hoist we move on to the programme.

Students And Social Commitment

This was an orientation class conducted during camp days. The class was handled by Jihath, NSS PAC member HSE Kollam. The class was very expressive and interesting for the volunteers. This orientation was very much beneficial and every one becomes aware of it.

PUNARJJANI CAMP (24/01/2019 to 30/01/2019)

NSS Units of MESITAM conducted the PUNARJJANI CAMP from 24/01/2019 to 30/01/2019 at Kollam Medical College. Almost 80 volunteers participated in the camp which was inaugurated by Dr. K Krishnakumar (Joint Director, Technical education, Kerala). Many biomedical equipments from the medical college was collected and assets of around One crore were restored. We are proud to be a part of this programme.

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