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The Department of Civil Engineering is part of the Institute since the inception of MESITAM in 2009.The department offers B.Tech in Civil Engineering, affiliated to APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University with an approved intake of 60 students. The department has highly qualified faculty members specialized in various Civil Engineering disciplines, educated from reputed institutions across India. The department has excellent Computational and Laboratory facilities for carrying out experimental works in frontier areas of Civil Engineering and also facilitates to execute students innovative project works. Besides quality teaching and instruction at Undergraduate level, the department offers Professional Consultancy works & Technical Assistance to Various Government & Non Governmental organizations. Our department is proud of the Alumni’s, who are well placed in leading Industries, Academic Institutions and in Government sectors both in India and Abroad.


  • To impart quality education applying latest technologies to contribute to the field of Civil Engineering.
  • To create ethically responsible professionals in the field of Civil Engineering.
  • To prepare the graduates for effective handling of societal needs.
  • To impart Critical thinking, soft skills & leadership qualities which will enable the graduates in the Nation building process.

Head of Department

Prof. Anees Beegom H

Prof. Anees Beegom H is working as Assistant professor & HOD in the Department of Civil Engineering.

Members of Faculty

Technical Staff

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News/Events in Civil Engineering Department.

Practical Oriented Training Session for the final year CE

Posted on 11 October 2022

Career Guidance &Placement cell and Department of Civil Engineering, jointly organizing practical oriented training session for the final year Civil Engineering students.The programme primarly focus on imparting Practical skills and Hands on training to the Budding Engineers. The session was inaugurated by Prof. Abibasheer.B ,Head of the Department,followed by a preliminary practical session.

A photo collage competion for the MESITAM

Posted on 11 October 2022

As part of the Students day Celebration , Institution of Engineers(India), Students chapter, Civil, MESITAM conducts a photo collage competion for the MESITAM students on 13 th October 2022.

Laboratory Facilities

The departmental laboratories are well equipped with the latest equipments as per the requirements of the curriculum and are updated as per new technology from time to time.

The Civil Engineering Department is supported with the following laboratories.

Concrete plays important role in construction industry. Study of its constituents and their properties is essential for preparing desired mix so as to develop required strength necessary for various types of structures. After performing the experiments the students will be able to assure the quality of concrete and its ingredients. Also they are able to design various grades of concrete.

The concrete technology lab extends to an area of 130m2.Concrete laboratory offers consultancy for Civil Engineering material testing and mix design of concrete.

The major equipments used are Compression testing machine, Tile testing machine, Impact testing machine, Crushing strength testing machine, Los Angeles apparatus, Flow table, Compaction factor apparatus, Slump cone, Concrete mixer, Vicat apparatus, Air permeability apparatus, Rebound hammer etc. The major experiments conducted are Tests on cement, Tests on aggregates, Tests on fresh concrete, Tests on hardened concrete, Tests on bricks & Tiles.

To strive in the era of developing field of Civil Engineering, basic knowledge about Computer Aided Design and Drafting is essential. The CADD Lab is intended to familiarize the students about various advanced softwares such as AUTOCAD, STAAD.Pr4o, PRIMAVERA etc. and to help them to explore innovative ideas on design and drafting, planning and construction management. It extends over an area of 144m2.Students get expert training to develop building plans, analyse structures, design and detailing of various structures, knowledge on project management etc.

Transportation Engineering lab provides a platform for students to acquire knowledge in the field of pavement material testing.

Major experiments conducted in this lab are Impact test, Abrasion test, Bitumen Ductility test, Bitumen softening test, CBR test, Specific Gravity test for aggregates and bitumen and Shape test.

The lab occupies an area of 80 sqm, equipped with Impact testing machine, Los-Angeles abrasion testing machine, Ductility testing machine, CBR testing machine, Penetration testing apparatus, Thickness and length gauge.

Geotechnical Engineering is the branch of civil engineering concerned with the Engineering behavior of earth materials.The Objective of Geotechnical Engineering laboratory is to provide the students a general awareness about the various Engineering properties of different types of soil through suitable experiments. The total area of Geotechnical Engineering laboratory is 80 m2.

Major equipments used in this lab are Unconfined compression test Apparatus, Direct shear Apparatus, Consolidometer, Permeameter, Hydrometer, Compaction Apparatus,. Apparatus for determination of field density, Casagrande Apparatus, Specific Gravity Apparatus and a set of Sieves. .

This lab is aimed to reveal the fundamental principles in the arena of mechanics of materials and material analysis for the Undergraduate student’s .The lab is spreaded over an area of 180 sq.m. The Major experiments conducted are Tension Test on Steel, Shear test on steel, Bending test on Wood, Hardness test, Impact Test, Modulus of rigidity, Test on springs and Verification of Maxwell theorem .The Lab is equipped with Universal testing Machine (600kN),Spring testing Machine, Impact testing machine, Modulus of rigidity equipment etc.

The Environmental Engineering Laboratory in the Department of Civil Engineering provides good testing, teaching and research facilities. It is sound equipped to meet the academic requirements of under graduate programme. Modern equipments are added periodically keeping a view of latest technological advancements which help students to carry out innovative projects and to maintain quality and accuracy. The laboratory contains equipments to carry out the physico- chemical and biological analysis of water and waste water.

The major highlights of laboratory are:
  • Digital pH meter
  • Turbidity meter
  • Conductivity meter
  • DO analyzer
  • Jar test
  • Flocculator
  • Water bath
  • Electronic balance

The Department has a well-equipped Civil Engineering Workshop. The Workshop is intended to familiarize the fundamental experiments in Civil Engineering for all branches. For civil engineering students this lab is an introductory workshop whereas for other branches the lab facilitates the ideas about basic civil engineering in their day to day life.

The workshop is spreaded over an area of 160 m2 .Various activities engaged are building area computation, setting out of building, brick masonry, leveling, area of an irregular polygon set out on the field, introduction to plumbing and sanitary fittings etc.

For any Civil Engineering project, the first requirement is to have a plan/ map of the area. The domain of Engineering which involves the collection of field data and subsequently preparation of plan / map of the area is termed as surveying.

The main objective of the survey lab is to help students in gaining the practical experience by exposing them to various techniques of field surveying.

The main experiments include, calculation of area, determination of horizontal and vertical angles, plotting of contours, determination of level difference between the points, etc. The Lab is equipped with Total station, Theodolite, Plane table, Chain, Auto level, Dumpy level etc.


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