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The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering in MESITAM started in the year 2009 with student intake of 60. Fully fledged laboratories have been set up in the department in due course, as needed, right from 2009. Efficient and experienced faculty was appointed from the beginning of the course. Faculty development programs are frequently arranged within the department by classes handled by faculty within the department itself.
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Students are having their association within the college and within the department to conduct different academic and cultural activities.

Internship programs are arranged for students with experts from various enterprises.
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  • To impart a strong foundation on the basics of Electronics and Communication Engineering.
  • To cultivate confidence to approach the world through their skills and knowledge accomplished.
  • To maintain the quest to update their knowledge throughout their career for effective and efficient throughput. Above all, to uphold social and human values.

Head of Department

Prof. Anas Mohammed Basheer

Prof. Anas Mohammed Basheer is working here as Assistant Professor in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) Department for the past 8 years. His areas of interest includes Signal and Image Processing, Optical Fiber Communication & Networking, Data Science, Nanoelectronics etc.


He has got the following achievements as his personal credentials

  • BE (Bachelor of Engineering) from NI College of Engineering, MS University, TN

  • ME (Master of Engineering) from Anna University Chennai

  • PG Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA) from IGNOU

  • Teaching Experience of 14.5 years for Engineering Colleges under University of Kerala and KTU.

Members of Faculty

Technical Staff

Department News and Announcements

News/Events in Electronics & Communication Engineering Department.

Technical Workshop Session on “Ham Radio”

Posted on 01 June 2022

This session was conducted by Electronics and Communication Technical Association (ECTA) on 25-05-2022 (Friday) (10am-12.30 pm, ECE Seminar Hall) for all Students and Staff of ECE Dept, MESITAM in association with Active Amateur Ham Radio Society Kollam.
The Session was supervised by 3 HAM Enthusiasts who are professionals in their respective fields:
1. Nishanth Sir, ITI Karicode
2. Hafeez Sir, Hewlett Packard
3. Navas Sir, KSRTC
The Session helped to familiarise the basics of HAM Concepts, its use in Emergency in situations and disasters etc. The various types of licenses, the procedure to obtain an amateur HAM license was explained and students were then a given a practical hands-on session on concepts of its use, its equipments etc.

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Industrial Visit to Mercedes-Benz India's ADAM Facility at GEC Campus, Barton Hill, TVM

Posted on 25 May 2022

The Department of ECE in association with Electronics & Communication Technical Association (ECTA) organised an Industrial Visit for S6 and S8 ECE students to Mercedes-Benz India’s ADAM (Advanced Diploma in Advanced Mechatronics) Facility at Government Engineering College Campus, Barton Hill, Thiruvananthapuram on May 23rd, 2022.

A total of 14 students and 4 Staff Members went for the Industrial Visit during which Students and accompanying Staff Members were given a deep insight into the various Automatic Embedded Systems and Sensors used in latest-model Mercedes Benz vehicles. They were also briefed about various actuations, Multifunction Diagnosis Tools, Control Units, Communication Bus, Multimedia Network Technology used in these vehicles etc.

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Laboratory Facilities

The Department of Electronics and Communication has sufficient infra structure in furniture, equipments, space and faculty. The department has fully equipped seminar hall with projector and class rooms.

The Electronics & Communication Engineering department is supported with the following laboratories.

This premises is mainly focuses for imparting basic electronic training to first year B.Tech students of all branches. The students are gets acquainted with all types of Electronic components, testing, assembling and trouble shooting a little. This work shop is equipped with Power devices, Measuring equipment, Various tools (Electronic and Mechanical), Soldering station and required chemicals. Well qualified instructors are appointed under an Asst. Professor, who is in-charge.

This laboratory is provided to do Digital Experiments for both Electronics and Computer Science students. The laboratory is equipped with Digital trainer kits, TTL and CMOS devices, Power supplies, Function Generators and CROs. They do circuit wiring, testing and debugging. All types of Digital and Analog integrated circuit devices are available here. Well qualified instructors are appointed under an Asst. Professor, who is in-charge.

This lab is used by staff and students for their carrier development, educational support and general browsing. Equipped with ample number of state-of-the-art computers under UPS backup support. Machines are working on multi-OS with Linux and Windows. Application software, packages and Compilers are loaded for academic purposes.

E&C university syllabus has lot of Communication experiments in Analog, Digital and Hybrid domain. Various types of modulation/ demodulation techniques have to be practiced experimentally. Have experiments in digital/hybrid applications which uses various shift keying techniques. Lab is equipped with variety of communication trainers, components, Function Generators, Power supplies and high bandwidth DSOs.

This lab comprises of two portions
  • Microwave

    Microwave Engineering is one among the high density communication systems which is proprietary for Govt. communication systems. The Experiments done in this laboratory focuses on Generation of Microwave using Cavity Klystron and Gunn diodes, Measurement of power and guiding for selective directivity. All necessary equipment and components are available in Power backup.
  • Optical

    Optical communication is the moderns method of digital communication for very long distance with negligibly small losses. Also bandwidth of fibre is at the rate of Terra bytes. Various experiments on fibre communication are being done here. Equipped with trainer and measurement kits and components.

This is the fundamental laboratory for the third semester students of both Electronics and Computer Science branches, where the theory of circuit designs and familiarized practically. Lab is equipped with variety of communication trainers, components, Function Generators, Power supplies and high bandwidth DSOs. Apart from equipment all variety of discrete active and passive components are available for experiments.

This lab is intended to give hand on training in Micro-controller and Embedded systems.

This lab fully equipped with trainer kits of Micro-controller and simulation kits and software. Various Interfaces are practiced here.


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