Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)is constituted with the following members

# Name Position Held
1 Dr.M.Najee, Principal Chairman
2 Prof.Rafi A, Associate Professor & HOD, ME Coordinator
3 Prof.Rajula I, Assistant Professor, CE Member
4 Prof.Mohammed Afzal A, Assistant Professor, ME Member
5 Prof.Sajitha GR, Assistant Professor, EEE Member
6 Prof.Anju Mary Varghese, Assistant Professor, ECE Member
7 Prof.Basima Yoosaf, Assistant Professor, CSE Member
8 Prof.Sandhya U, Assistant Professor, M&S- Member
9 Mr.Nisam, Representative from Management Member
10 Mr.Shihab A, Superintendent, Office Member
11 Mr.Safeer.H, Representative from Local Society Member
12 Mr.Al Thariq R (S6ME), Representative from student Member
13 Mr.Sajin (2009-13 Batch), Representative from Alumni Member
14 Mr.Imthiyas Mohammed, KMML, Representative from Industry Member
15 Mr.Rajan K, Institution of Engineers, Representative from Professional Body Member


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