Inauguration of ARME 09-02-2024

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Workshop on “Cloud Computing and Exploring Public Cloud Security” (07, 08-Dec-2023) ECE

The 2-day Hands-On Training Workshop was conducted in association with Krish, an Enterprise Cloud Security Architect, Cloud Security Consultant and Migration Strategist. He has more than 18 years of experience and proven expertise in deploying, migrating, and securing various Cloud Platforms including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. He has trained more than 1000 students globally including those from Fortune 500 Companies and is a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

The Sessions were conducted to familiarise our students with the basics of delivering computing services – including Servers, Storage, Analytics, and Intelligence over the Internet (Cloud) to offer faster innovation and flexible resources with 3 main service categories: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).
The concerned resource person began with Virtualisation fundamentals, moved over to Cloud Fundamentals, and entered into Cloud Service and Deployment Models. This was followed by a demo explanation of Cloud Server Deployment and Web-Server Configuration. The students were then introduced to deploying Storage in the Cloud. The important Security concepts specific to Cloud Computing which include Firewalls, Identity and Access Management (IAM), Segmentation, and Encryption were briefly elaborated.

The students were introduced to current Career Opportunities in Cloud Computing and Cloud Security. As more and more Companies are becoming increasingly dependent on Digital platforms, there is a growing need for skilled and experienced youngsters to ensure the safety of these Critical Systems by reducing the risk of data loss/leakage, privacy and confidentiality issues, legal and regulatory compliance, etc. Students had an exciting session where the concerned resource person gave a deep insight into the current job positions (delved deep into pre-requisites of various positions like Cyber Security Consultant, Security Analyst, Risk Analyst, etc.) and trends in this ever-changing domain.

The Students and Staff Members who attended this Workshop gained deep knowledge of Cloud Computing basics, trends, and requirements in this domain and immensely benefited from the Hands-on Workshop on these 2 days.

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Implementation of IoT using Arduino

Dept of ECE & ECTA Technical Hands-On Workshop on “Implementation of IoT using Arduino” on 13-04-2023 (Thursday) and 14-04-2023 (Friday) (10am-3.00pm, CAD Lab, Department Building) for S8ECE and S6ECE Students of ECE Dept, MESITAM in association with ELab Innovations

This 2-day Workshop was conducted with the aim of familiarising the basics of Arduino Board Concepts, its ease for building IoT applications with IoT Prime Bundle and intro to IoT Android Cloud.

Over a period of 2 days, the students were familarised with the various types of Arduino Uno Boards available in the market, use og Arduino Software Integrated Development Environment (IDE) followed by coding and implementation and finally testing using various interfacing devices, use of Tinkercad tool, a freeweb-app for 3d Design etc.

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FDP- Implementation of Embedded Systems 24-01-2023

Embedded System software plays a vital role in current scenario in the engineering field. Thatswhy Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, MESITAM had arranged an FDP on "Implementation of Embedded Systems". The program was organised on 24th and 25th January 2023. Inauguration of the program was on 24th Jan 2023. Prof. BUSHRA B N ( HOD, EEE MESITAM) delivered the welcome speech. Prof. ABI BASHEER ( Principal in Charge ) delivered the presidential address . Principal Dr. M Najee shared a message to the invitees through Google Meet. Mr. Sibin S ( Embedded System Engineer, Lanmar Solutions, Ifopark) was the orator of the first day of the FDP. Second day the session was handled by Mr. Vishnu Sasidharan Pillai( Trainer at ARCITE ). More than 35 candidates from various Engineering colleges attended the FDP. Feedback were collected at the end of each day. All participants reported that they were benefited by this course. Snacks and lunch were given to the participants on both days.

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Association of Royal Mechanical Engineers (ARME) Inauguration of Activities

The Mechanical Engineers Association‘ ARME’ of the MES Institute of Technology and Management has been conducting programs for the last 8 years. The inauguration of the activities for the year 2022 was on 30/11/2022. The principal presided over the meeting. Prof. Rafi, HoD ME welcomed the gathering. Er Reji Thomas Mathew, Director AYTech inaugurated activities of the year 2K22. He delivered a talk on the future Career prospects of Mechanical Engineering students. After that, an interactive session with students was also conducted. Chief Guest distributed merit awards to the students. Prof. Sangeetha Sagar faculty Advisor of ARME gave an overview of the following year's program. Mr. Althaf of S7 ME gave the vote of Thanks.

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Industrial visit to TALROP # 14-11-2022

An Industrial visit was conducted for the students of S5 Computer Science & Engineering on Monday, 14th of November 2022 at TALROP'S TECHIES PARK, Pothancode, during which a workshop based on " Mobile Application Development " was conducted.
The workshop was led by Mr.Mohammed Anshab, a Software Engineer at TALROP . He gave an introduction about Talrop and its innovative goal of building a strong startup ecosystem in Kerala by emphasizing education, technology, jobs and entrepreneurship followed by technical details about mobile application and its development.
An ineractive session was also held by Mr. Yahya to encourage students ideas and how they could also implement their ideas into it. Students also had the opportunity to interact with other students at the workshop . It was informative, interactive, interesting and evaluated as a successful visit .
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SIP Session 13- " Energy Studio-Dance Exercise " 29/10/2022, Day 5

"Energy Studio-Dance Exercise " All the students enthusiastically participated in the zumba exercise dance . Trainer was Mrs. Zin Ambily Kannan
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SIP Session 12- " Equip for Engineering and after Challenge " 29/10/2022, Day 5

Mr. Athul M Senior Technical Associate , Progressum Edu-Tech gave an orientation about equipping students with tackling engineering subjects, importance of timely study , decision making etc.
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SIP Session 11- " Mathtools for Engineering Studies " 28/10/2022, Day 4

Dr. B Premlet Prof. & Head (Rtd), Dept. of Physics, TKMCE informed the engineering students must learn basics, acquire computer knowledge and improve communication skill. He gave a detailed session of mathematical tools and its practical application in Engineering.
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SIP Session 10 - " Behavioural Development " 28/10/2022, Day 4

Dr. Thushara Lal S ( Child Adolescence and Family Counsellor) detailed the behavior and attitude of students in the campus and the importance of respectfulness.
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