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Mechanical Engineering Department has started in the year 2011 with an intake of 60 students in undergraduate programme. Lateral entry students are admitted in the third semester as per AICTE norms in the UG course. Add to the charm, the department is enriched with full-fledged laboratories,with latest technology and syllabus requirements which provide the students, a hands-on experience in Mechanical Engineering.In addition to this regular course, department endeavours to conduct various short-term courses / workshops and training programmes. The department offers remedial classes for the weaker students. The department motivate and provide coaching for students, who are preparing for competitive examinations like GATE and IES.The department faculty rooms, various departments and the laboratories are connected by the institute LAN and internet facilities.Well qualified, dedicated and responsible faculties and skilled supporting staff are the strengths of the department.
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Mechanical Engineering Department Library

The Department has a well-established library with a reading room which is amply used by the staff and students. The library is equipped with a good number of text books. It consists of almost all books prescribed in the syllabus. The records of industrial training reports, university question papers, reports of seminars and projects are kept in the library and made accessible to students. The library working hours are from 9.00 A.M. to 4.30 P.M. on weekdays. It remains closed as per the institute’s list of holidays.
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  • Excel in professional career and/or in higher studies by acquiring knowledge in mechanical engineering.
  • Analyse real life problems, design mechanical systems that are technically sound, economically feasible and environmentally viable.
  • Exhibit professionalism, ethical attitude, communication skills, team work in their profession and adapt to current trends by engaging in lifelong learning.

Head of Department

Prof. Rafi A

Prof. Rafi A is working as Associate Professor& HOD in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, MES Institute of Technology and Management, Chathannoor, Kollam (MESITAM).


He has got the following achievements as his personal credentials

  • He obtained his Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kerala University after completing his studies in TKM College of Engineering, Kollam. He took Masters Degree in Heat Power Engineering from National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Suratkal. He has 18 ½ years of service in Engineering Colleges under MES

  • Worked at various levels as Lecturer/Asst. Professor/Associate Professor since 2001

  • Performed the duties as member of ISTE, ECS, Treasurer Alumni Association-MESITAM, Executive member Alumni Association-MESITAM, Executive member PTA- MESITAM

  • Joined in MES Institute of Technology and Management in August 2009 as Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering Department.

Members of Faculty

Technical Staff

Department News and Announcements

News/Events in Mechanical Engineering Department.

Conducted K12 activity painting competition based on the theme Energy

Posted on 02 March 2023

Department of Mechanical Engineering and ISHRAE MESITAM student chapter in association with ISHRAE Trivandrum Chapter has conducted K12 activity painting competition based on the theme Energy conservation for school students of St George U P school. prize and certificate distribution was held on 28/2/2023.

Inauguration of Association of Royal Mechanical Engineers ( ARME )

Posted on 18 February 2020

The Inaugural ceremony of Association of Royal Mechanical Engineers ( ARME ) was held on 17-02-2020 at 10:30 am in Mechanical Engineering Department Seminar Hall. Chief Guest Mr. Krishna Prasad S, ( Manager,Mechanical, Cochin Shipyard ) Inaugurated the Function.

Laboratory Facilities

The departmental laboratories are well equipped with the latest equipments as per the requirements of the curriculum and are updated as per new technology from time to time.

The Mechanical Engineering Department is supported with the following laboratories.

This workshop include the following laboratories.

Fitting Shop

In fitting shop various processes are performed on metals to give them desired shape and size and fit them with mating part.

Carpentry Shop

In carpentry shop students learn to do wood-work like to make wooden furniture, wooden articles, etc.

Welding Shop

Provides hands on introduction to the common welding processes used in industry. Course will include oxyacetylene, MIG, TIG, and Argon welding as well as appropriate safety procedures.

Smithy Shop

Smithy Shop has various furnaces for heating purpose, different Forging Tools such as Hammer. Shaping Tools like anvils other Holding Tools, Tongs, Chisels, fullers etc. here the students are emphasized on the correct dimensions and proper shape of the work piece.

Sheet Metal Shop

Provide the students to develop the necessary skills and techniques to work in the sheet metal fabrication occupation by giving training in the use of portable power tools, sheet metal working equipment and arc welding and cutting equipment. Also give guidance to create, read and interpret blueprints and specifications.

Foundry shop

Students are helped to prepare the moulds of the given pattern and make the castings. We make them aware of appropriate safety procedures.

Thermal Engineering Lab provides basic idea about fundamentals of IC engines with a hand on experience on different engine test rigs. It also deals with experiments on reciprocating compressor and centrifugal blower. Evaluations of viscosity, calorific value, flash and fire points are estimated in this laboratory. The well-equipped lab has been providing sound knowledge to the students of Department of Mechanical Engineering. Equipment worth around Rs. 25 Lakhs available with the Lab.

In Thermal Engineering laboratory we have following set-ups for carrying out experiments:
  • Isuzu Petrol Engine – Morse test rig
  • Maruti Petrol Engine – Hydraulic loading test rig
  • Kirloskar Diesel Engine – Electrical loading test rig
  • Low speed Diesel Engine – Retardation test rig
  • Field Marshal Diesel Engine – Volumetric and cooling curve test rig
  • Kirloskar Diesel engine – Mechanical loading test rig
  • Cut section - 2 stroke Petrol engine
  • Cut section - 4 stroke Diesel engine
  • Redwood Viscometer
  • Junkers gas calorimeter
  • Bomb calorimeter
  • Flash and Fire point apparatus
  • Reciprocating air Compressor test rig
  • Centrifugal air Blower test rig

Production Engineering lab aims at value added training to mechanical engineering students on the general industrial machines like center lathes,shapers,slotting machines and drilling machines.Students are also familiarize on high precision measuring instruments like verniercalipers,micrometers,vernier height gauges etc. The spacious PE lab is well ventilated and lighted accommodates around 35 machines.

List of Important Machinery and Equipment’s:
  • Lathe - 18 nos
  • Shapers - 8 nos
  • Slotting Machine - 1 no
  • Milling Machine - 3 nos
  • Surface Grinder - 1 no
  • Cylindrical Grinder - 1 no
  • Power HackSaw - 1 no
  • Grinding Machine - 1 no
  • Pedestal Grinding Machine - 1 no

Metrology Lab

This lab aims at introducing relevant measurement systems and equipment’s that are used on the shop floor and in calibration rooms. Basic knowledge about the usage of measuring devices, their calibration and measurement standards are imparted to the students. Metrology Lab is equipped with various measuring instruments, gauges and measuring machines. By the completion of this lab, student will have a comprehensive knowledge of uncertainties involved in any measurement.

List of Important Machinery and Equipment’s:
  • Profile Projectors
  • Auto Collimator
  • Sine Bars
  • LVDT
  • Tool Makers Microscope
  • Combination Set

Metallurgy Lab

The Metallurgical Laboratory consists of material testing facilities for identifying various specimens and specimen preparation machines. The students are encouraged to prepare the specimen material and analyze the microstructure using microscopes of magnifications up to 500X.

List of Important Machinery and Equipment’s:
  • Double Disc Polishing Machine
  • Metallurgical Microscope

This lab teaches the use of instrumentation and apparatus that are unique and/or special to the field of heat transfer. It demonstrates the fundamental aspects of heat transfer and employ’s experimental principles and thought processes to solve engineering problems.

  • Air Condition Test Rig
  • Refrigeration Test Rig
  • Emmisivity Measurement Unit
  • Heat Transfer Through :
    • Lagged Pipe Unit
    • Composite Wall Unit
    • Forced Convection Unit
    • Natural Convection Unit

The objective of Machine Tool Lab is to train students with different operations that can be carried out on lathe and milling machine .The students are well trained to prepare the models on lathe and milling machine. They also gain knowledge about different measuring devices like sine bar ,vernier caliper, etc.

  • All Geared Lathe
  • Cone Pulley Lathe
  • Universal Milling Machine
  • Bench Drilling Machine
  • Planning Machine
  • Power Hacksaw
  • Bench Grinder

The language laboratory plays an important role in the language learning process. The lab's purpose is to provide a place where students can practice and record their speeches. an audio or audio-visual installation used as an aid in this lab for language teaching. They allow a teacher to listen to and manage student audio, which is delivered to individual students through headsets or in isolated sound booths.

The CAD Lab is available for the development of designs utilizing both 2D and 3D Software.

Facilities available:
  • Computers and printer
    • HP High end work station - 1 no
    • Work stations - 30 nos
    • Laser printer - 1 no
  • Software’s
    • Solidworks

This Lab is intended to make the students aware of the all the aspects which comes under the fluid flow. The experiments include flow measurement, practical applications of the basic principles of fluid mechanics and the study of major tools used. The hydraulics lab comprises of the performance tests of pumps and load tests on turbine test rigs.

Flow Apparatus
  • Venturimeter & Orificemeter
  • Orifice & Mouth piece
  • Pitot Tube
  • Reynold’s Apparatus
  • Notches (V & Rectangular type)
  • Metacentric Height Apparatus
  • Bernouli’s Theorem Apparatus
  • Losses Determination Apparatus
  • Test Rigs of Francis Turbine
  • Kaplan TurbinePelton Turbine
  • Centrifugal Pump
  • Reciprocating Pump


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