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MES Since 1964 – Now Celebrating its Golden Jubilee in 2014

The primary vision of the Society is to work for the educational, social, and economic advancement of the people of India in all ways and the mission is to establish and administer colleges, schools, technical and Commercial Institutes, Kindergartens, Vocational Training Centre’s, Medical colleges, Dental Colleges, Paramedical Institutes, Adult Education Centre’s, Tailoring Schools, Food Craft Institutes, Computer Institutes, Community Development Centre’s, Human resources Development Institutes, Counseling Centre’s and any other educational institutions ,either by the Society directly or in tie up or in collaboration with any other organizations, Universities, Corporate Bodies in India and abroad. It is also envisaged to set up establishments to promote moral and spiritual values among the public, work for the welfare of women and children and establish and maintain Old age homes and rehabilitate destitutes. To engage in charitable and social service activities of every kind to help the poor and backward sections of the Society is the paramount mission of the MES.


The Muslims in Kerala, especially those in Malabar, have a poignant story to tell about their ancestors. Traditionally they were traders and agrarians living in villages and were never allowed to enter into the main stream of the social fabric of Kerala because of their backwardness. Educating a Muslim boy or girl was something beyond the means of the poor Muslim parents and they felt that they had no right to acquire education because it was confined to the elite class only. Because of this stratum prevailing among the Muslims, the community remained in the dark cells of ignorance and deprivation. Added to this spectrum was the fact that Muslim girls and women were not even dare enough to come out of their shells for fear that they would face ridicule from the other communities who were better educated and living a better life. Poverty was the destiny of these poor Muslims and they had to remain content with whatever meager income they got from their avocations in trade and agriculture. Nobody was there to give leadership to organize them and campaign for their legitimate rights. This pathetic plight continued for decades…. After independence, the situation started changing, though in a slow pace. Some visionaries in the community started acquiring higher education and in their minds dawned the idea of doing something worthwhile for improving this poignant status of their counterparts. A need for starting an organization to fight for their cause gradually gathered ground and there emerged the great organization called THE MUSLIM EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY.

The movement was started by a group of socially conscious and well-known professionals, intellectuals, educationists and businessmen. The society has been promoting a large number of educational projects and programs from primary schools to professional colleges. In a short span of time, its activities spread to almost every district in Kerala and a large number of MES educational institutions were started. Today the Society runs more than 150 institutions including more than 50 Schools, a number of Post Graduate Colleges, Women's Colleges, Professional institutions like Engineering Colleges, Medical College, Nursing College and Dental College.

In addition to the institutions in the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, MES had established institutions in the West Asian countries like Saudi -Arabia, U.A.E, Qatar and Muscat.

Towards a better tomorrow

Our country requires many architects, technologists and managers to meet the challenge of liberalisation of the 21st century. MES endeavours to help our country face this challenge with special emphasis on the region and their community. With constant interaction with the industrial and business community, MES aims not only to emerge as a centre for teaching technology and management, but also to become a centre for research and development.


Designation Name & Address Photo
President Dr. P. A. Fazal Ghafoor
P.O: Nadakkavu,
Calicut 11
Ph:98472 33800
0495- 2723061 (Hosp)
Vice Presidents Jb. A. Muhammed

Jb. A Habeeb Muhammed

Darul Mubarak
Civil Station Ward
Bazar: P.O,
Alappuzha 688012.
Ph:98469 46764,0477-2260987(Res)

  Jb. A.M. Aboobacker
Kaithapadath House
Cochin - 21
Ph:94471 88020
0484-2577707 (Res)
  Jb. K.P. Aboobacker
General Secretary Prof. P.O.J. Lebba
Kollam 2
Ph:98470 42536
0474-2742536 (Res)
Secretaries Jb. M Ali
  Dr. V K Jamal
  Jb. P H Najeeb
  Dr.N.M Mujeeb Rahman
Nizar Hospital,
Malappuram Dt.
Ph:98950 37324
Treasurer Jb. V.Moidutty
Malappuram Dt.
Ph:94462 42030,04933 226052 (Res)